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Tatanka Jeep Tours offers tours in the north of the country in a series of different routes. You can combine viewpoints, battle stories, nature hikes and more. In addition, it is possible to go on routes to springs during the summer – or to choose mud and snow routes during the winter.
Both the beginning and ending points can be adjusted according to your convenience.

Odem Forest

We will visit the Odem forest and meet a volcanic phenomenon called “Yuvot”, climb a volcanic mountain and see a volcanic excavation.

Syrian Border

Visiting and seeing the Syrian positions which fired at Israeli settlements in the Hula Valley, seeing what has become of the valley regarding agriculture during the last years.

Custom Tour

In addition to all the existing routes, we offer you an original and special option to build a route that exactly fits your experiences and curiosity that characterizes you. 

Golan Heights Slopes

We will head out to Israel’s defense line and see anti-tank barriers and minefields. We will arrive at an Israeli army bunker near the border and reach the old city of Quneitra.

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